Antenna Modelling – A Tale of Two Small Antennas

Two recent assignments in regard of ISM band antennas needed very different solutions, despite there being an important common aspect of being confined within a small mechanical envelope. They illustrate the need for a flexible and pragmatic approach when working on the incorporation of antennas in small products.

For one assignment, the client already . . . → Read More: Antenna Modelling – A Tale of Two Small Antennas

Induction Heater Developments

With a successful 1200W induction heater as an established commercial product in the automotive sector, we are being consulted regarding design and development of higher-power and lower-power designs for varying mechanical formats and application areas, with advanced operational, control, protection/safety and application features.

To learn more on how we may assist with induction-heater design . . . → Read More: Induction Heater Developments

Metal Detector – Product Launch

An industrial pulse-mode metal detector developed by WRL Consultancy, in conjuction with mechanical design support from the client’s team, has now been launched by the client at a recent trade-show. Pulse-mode detection is particularly useful for distinguishing the metal signal, via time-domain means, when the return signal from the materials being inspected is generally . . . → Read More: Metal Detector – Product Launch

Bespoke and Unconventional RFID – Patent Filed

A patent application has been filed jointly with our external partner in respect a novel equipment and operation concept for a particular challenging detection application for which our help was sought.

Bespoke and Unconventional RFID

Announcing a new website page that follows the development of our services and increasing activity for us in this area.

Applications for custom and unconventional RFID exist where a particular problem or set of problems prevents a more standard approach, or where a custom approach is simply more efficient or effective.

Particular solutions generally . . . → Read More: Bespoke and Unconventional RFID

Magnetic Survey Service Update

Our information regarding the magnetic survey work we undertake has been updated to reflect the development of our service through the assignments we have carried out. Follow the link to view our updated page Magnetic Field Surveys and Survey Equipment.

Phone Number Change

Following a technical upgrade to our phone system, we advise an amendment to our contact details with a new main phone number 0344 500 2111. Our earlier numbers will continue to work for the foreseeable future, for the convenience of those who already have them. The calling cost for an 03.. number is the . . . → Read More: Phone Number Change

Special-Purpose Antennas

We have updated our Antenna and Electromagnetic Design page, making it more relevant in respect of recent projects, where special-purpose antennas have featured strongly.

Radio Survey – Coverage

We recently completed, for an extensive industrial site, a radio communications outdoor coverage survey and report with interpretation of the findings. The survey was required so that difficulties with communications over the site could be better understood and regions of problematic signal propagation identified. Prior to the survey, we provided guidance with regard to . . . → Read More: Radio Survey – Coverage

Continuous-Wave or Pulsed-Mode?

Our page on Metal Detection and Electromagnetic Discrimination has been updated to include discussion of pulsed-mode metal-detector design.

For more information, please see Metal Detection.