Examples from Work Portfolio
RF Module Development (more..)
EMC/EMI investigation regarding production-line test problems
Magnetic measurements, including 3-axis broad-band magnetic field survey
Assistance regarding patents
Research, studies, concepts and experiments for an electromagnetic article detection system
Mains-powered induction heater development
Antenna modelling and design for hand held and wearable devices, and RFID sensors
Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS): detailed concept, design and prototype development for systems employing wireless networks, and based on GPS and other vicinity location principles
Studies concerning suitability of common wireless network protocols for particular applications
EMC performance improvement of electromechanical product
Bespoke metal detector design and development.(..our service..)
Active anti-theft tag system prototype development.
High power RF field generator system investigation, repair, design modification and performance improvement.
Improvement obtained through increased capability and sophistication of RF circuits, power supply, automatic controls and thermal management.
Advice to wireless burglar alarm system manufacturer on improvement of receiver unit motherboard layout and UHF receiver module design improvement.
Design concept development advice on low cost, long-life micro-transmitter/micro-receiver applications.(more..)
UHF super-regenerative receiver development for low-cost product
Design concept advice on long-range RF-based security system.
Acting as technical representative and advisor for equipment purchase and rental.
Feasibility studies

Client sectors have included:
Consumer Products
Safety Systems
Security Systems
Control Systems
Industrial Tools
Public Sector
Materials Processing
Food Processing
Technical Consultancy
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